Things should be back to the usual stressful training normal next week.

In the meantime, Happy Easter.





What?  I’m just keeping my usual vigilance in case that rabbit guy needs my help.


Baby pictures

Since my editor is away and can’t verify the truthfulness of my posts and then pass them through the legal department, here’s some pictures of me when I first came to live with these people.


I have long outgrown this cute little bed and now have a grown up big boy bed.

This was one of my favourite toys until I taught them to buy me a ball..


Wow, I hadn’t seen this picture before.


Alien eyes?  As I have long suspected based on some previous photos, looks like someone needs photography lessons.

Ugh, I hate surprises

Photo 2013-03-13 11 39 23 AM

I’ve just been informed that my editor is away for the week.  Apparently that means that I can’t do anything.  Who negotiated these terms?  And why wasn’t I given notice?  And please don’t tell me to work on my training video.  These people are no where near ready for that.

Photo 2013-03-13 11 39 51 AM

I’m just going to lay here and think over my options.  I’ll keep you posted.

My buddy Finn

This is me and my buddy Finn.  We don’t see a lot of each other but when we do get together it’s usually a lot of fun.  I’m quite happy to share my toys and bones with him and I’m more than happy for him to eat my kibble.  Have at it Finn!  Just make sure you get enough water after.  That stuff is really dry.


Oh and to clarify…that baby blanket?  That’s Finn’s.  He’s younger than me.  I don’t use a baby blanket.  I have a grown up boy blanket.