One of our ongoing issues is their preoccupation with the idea that kibble is good for you. They’re all like “it has all the nutrients that he needs” and I’m all “it sucks – where’s the real food”.  I was polite in the beginning and ate some of it, but when it became apparent that they were sticking with it I had to take matters into my own hands.


Here I am politely gagging eating dry kibble. Better keep that water bowl full.

What worked for me was to go on a hunger strike. Suddenly they panicked and I got a smorgasbord of food – tripe, salmon, beef, carrots, peas – all added to the kibble mind you, but at least we were making headway.  Two years later and this is what I get…

Photo 2013-03-02 11 57 04 AM

All this hard work is starting to pay off…


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