Mental telepathy, not for amateurs

I’m not one to beg bark to go outside or to get them to do something for me.  I find it quite undignified.  Barking is only necessary when you are saving your house from possible intruders walking by or when any kind of animal is on tv.

What I have been working on lately is using mental telepathy to quietly let them know my needs and wants.  How is that working you ask?  As you might expect.  Not well.  They appear to not have a high frequency alert in their brain, or something.  For instance, here I am emitting my thoughts that I need to go outside.

Photo 2013-03-03 2 04 24 PM

See how much I’m concentrating?

And here I am quietly letting them know that I’m hungry for good food


I don’t think it could be any more apparent

And sometimes I just have to get right out there and stare at them.


This is going to take awhile.


4 thoughts on “Mental telepathy, not for amateurs

  1. All dogs employ this technique. Admittedly, I also climb on the bed to stare at them during sleeping hours….to check they are still alive. If they wake up (usually due to smelling the rich tones of my breath) they are generally less pleased to see me than usual but at least I know they are still breathing.

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