Haircut for dummies

So you want me to get a haircut.  First off I have a few ground rules that you’ll have to agree to.

  1. No ribbons or any other accessories that you deem cute.
  2. Absolutely nothing pink.
  3. No shaving me bald.
  4. Nothing that makes me look like a geek to all my friends.

All right?  Sign here…

So I’m thinking I’d like 1/2 inch off the sides.


That should do it.  You want me to see in the mirror?  Okay..



What the hell happened?  I am so pathetic.  I look ridiculous.  How am I going to explain this to my friends.  I hate this.  Where’s the contract you signed.  I look like a girl.  I’m freezing.  OMG my life is over.  Why are the squirrels laughing.  I am humiliated.  Get my lawyer on the phone stat.  ACK!!!!!


Thank god for friends who will have your back.  This is my posse.  You’ll be hearing from them.


3 thoughts on “Haircut for dummies

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