I am still trying to get over yesterday’s post.  I wish I could say that the humiliation stopped there, but unfortunately it didn’t.  And just so I’m clear, this didn’t just happen yesterday.  It happened quite a long time ago and I’ve only just recently been able to talk about it.  With a lot of encouragement from my posse, who think that until I tell all I will not be able to move on.

So.  Wow, this is so hard to talk about, even now.  Ok.  Apparently there is some kind of holiday that involves costumes, candy and carving pumpkins to look scary.  At least there is in this house.  (Pumpkins aren’t scary, by the way.  I am way scarier when I am protecting my house from probable intruders as they walk by because that is my job.)   Pretty strange from my point of view. Nothing about these people normally surprises me. But I have to say I was surprised by this:  Also?  Humiliated, mortified, shocked, shame, shame, shame…


Doodlebug?  I am NOT a doodlebug.  You take that back right now.  And get me out of this ridiculous getup.  You expect me to protect you looking like this?



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