Every so often these people will pack a couple of bags and gather up some food, along with some of my toys and treats and we’ll head out in the car.  I’m always a bit hesitant because you never know where we’ll end up.  Sometimes we go to a different park, but other times we end up in a very sterile place with a guy in a white jacket that scares the bejeesus out of me.  That’s why I don’t trust them until we actually get to where we are going.  If we end up at the water waiting for the ferry and my life jacket is on board then I’m ecstatic.  That’s because we are going to the best place ever.  Get that life jacket on and launch that boat!


It’s a place where I can run free without that halter and leash and the smells!  OMG.  They are the best.  Fishy, seaweedy, planktony smells.  Yum!


It’s a small island and because there’s nobody else there I don’t have to be as vigilant against probable intruders like I do at home, unless there’s a boat going by.  Then I do my job and scare them away – it’s amazing how fast they go once they see me.  Oh, and you should probably leave the Canada Geese alone, just saying.

Mostly though?  It’s a paradise of fun, fun, fun.



Nothing’s better than finishing off the day with a bed time snack.


Oysters are the best.

What’s not best about this place?  That I don’t live here.  Would somebody please explain it to me?  I just don’t understand these people.



4 thoughts on “Paradise

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