Et tu Brute…

Someone is going to have to negotiate a new contract for me.  I rarely write on weekends, except for now.  It’s not my fault, therefore someone should pay me, more than usual.  I just found out that my agent, who was absent last week, was not looking after my best interests, but his.  Her new client, apparently.  Nobody told me anything.  It’s hard to accept that your agent left you high and dry, but this?  This is incomprehensible.  I found this on her phone today – she can hardly deny the evidence.

Photo 2013-03-26 3 44 49 PM

Yeah, exactly.  This is Brutus.  Apparently he’s adorable, kind, sweet?  So what?  I could be all those things too.  I choose not to be.  I’m not jealous, don’t be ridiculous.

Photo courtesy Liam Magrath


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