Well this was something interesting I came across the other day.

Photo 2013-04-01 3 51 32 PM

Oh really.

I don’t have sensitive ears, in fact I have selective hearing.  Neither am I concerned that the sound is amplified as attested to when I am scaring away probable intruders.

I simply do not like getting wet.  Therefore I do not like rain.

It is yucky.


5 thoughts on “Rain

  1. If you don’t like getting wet then how can you expect to shower, bath, etc? Therefore, do you smell, and if so, how smelly are you? I’m also quite interested in your scent. Is it musky?

    Also, your blog is very funny.

  2. The constant training of these people has not yet resulted in no baths. Such a long, complicated process – you can’t imagine.

    Also? I smell adorable.

    • Oh god it must be really difficult for you. I suggest you introduce some sort of rewards system for the people, a carrot and stick so to speak.

      And I’ll have to take your word for that.

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