Bendy pose

It’s Friday and to celebrate the end of the work week I am going to take some time out for myself and do some advanced yoga.

I’ve been training these people I live with to do yoga, but like so many other things they haven’t really advanced past the basics.  It gets a bit boring for me to continually do downward dog, upward dog, lotus, blah, blah, blah.  We haven’t even touched on downward dog split because I’m afraid they’ll fall on their heads.

Sometimes, when they are fumbling around trying to get the right pose, I invent my own yoga moves.  Of course they are way more advanced than what these people could do, but I need to move on and not always be held back.

Here’s my favourite.

Taken with Vignette for Android

It’s called “bendy pose by Taz”.

Something that these people I live with aren’t.  Bendy, that is.

Happy Friday.

Also?  If you would like to use “bendy pose by Taz” in your own yoga class, feel free to contact me and I’ll have my new contract enforcing lawyer draw up the paperwork.


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