Wasn’t that a party, part 2

Psst, you guys.  There was something a bit weird going on at Finn’s birthday party and I’m not sure what it all means.  I’ve passed on everything I know to the detective that I’ve put in charge of this case.

There’s a cat that lives at Finn’s house called Mango.  Mango and Finn don’t get along too well.  Everybody knows this.  Mango bought Finn a birthday present – that jumping, obstacle course thingy (another reason I didn’t want to play with it – never trust a present from someone who doesn’t like you).  This is the card that was attached to the present.

Photo 2013-04-28 11 59 41 AM

Sounds a bit threatening, right?

Here’s where it gets strange.  I never saw Mango at all yesterday.  Not even a glance.  She didn’t show up for the birthday party – after getting Finn a present she doesn’t even show up for cake???  Weird, plain and simple.

Until I saw this.

Photo 2013-04-28 1 43 00 PM

I almost missed it but look what was on the menu under “Fruit Plate”.


Ack!!!  Poor kitty.  OMG I can’t believe it!  Just when you thought you knew someone. Ack!!!  How could this have happened!  I’m ruined forever!  Somebody do something! Why are you laughing, this isn’t funny.  Ack!!!


You mean mango’s a fruit and you can eat it?  And Mango the cat never attends birthday parties and is hiding upstairs?  What??

These people are weird. Who in their right mind names their cat after a fruit.  That is as ridiculous as calling someone Apple or Huckleberry.  Someone should look over her contract to see what recourse she has.  Good grief, people.

Also?  Mango will never be on the menu at any of my parties.  Just saying.


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