Year end inventory

My accountant wanted me to do a year end inventory so he could file my taxes on time.  It took a while but I finally got everything organized so that I could start counting.

It’s heartbreaking.  Look what I found.

Photo 2013-05-01 10 31 39 AM

There are only 3 balls and 6 remnants of rawhide bones.  My last inventory showed 6 balls and 10 complete rawhide bones.  Who does this?  Who takes my stuff?

That’s just the beginning.  I’m in total disbelief.

Photo 2013-05-01 10 38 00 AM

Eleven bones.  That’s it, that’s all, I can’t believe it.  I used to have eighteen.  I feel so violated.  Someone has just come in and taken them.

And where do I begin with this?

Photo 2013-05-01 10 38 05 AM

There’s been a 30% drop in my stuffed toy supply.

How did this happen right under my nose?  Not to mention that my most valuable collection is still missing.  This means that my net worth has dropped considerably and I may not be able to retire on time.  I may have to be training these people I live with foreeever.  I may have to get another job and I’m already exhausted from this one.  Ack!!

These people I live with need to provide me with better security.

Also?  I need a nap.


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