Lessons learned, finally

Had quite an interesting training session the other day.  I was tirelessly training these people I live with to throw my ball when out of nowhere came this little guy and his entourage.  I think he had been watching my lessons for a while because when he came over he was able to learn to throw my ball in just a few minutes.  I could hardly believe it.

Here I am explaining what I need him to do.


And then?  Like magic…


Hah!  I know!  I’m as shocked as you are.


And afterwards we all did a happy dance.

The best part though?  The paparazzi had been following him (you can tell who they are because they have cameras.  With lenses.) and recorded the whole thing.  Thank goodness because I’m not sure even I would have believed it.  And the whole thing was published here.

This?  This is my real happy face.


I have been vindicated.  I am a good trainer after all.  Maybe there’s hope for these people I live with.  One can always dream.

Photos courtesy b Life Photography – I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to negotiate my own professional photographer into my next contract.  The difference is amazing, just saying.


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