Long weekends are the best

It was a very busy long weekend for me.  First off, a bunch of people came and stayed at my house.  They’ve been here before and it’s always fun when they’re around.  One of the people was playing hockey so there was a lot of cheering and stuff going on.  Apparently there was a gold medal to be won and the person staying here got it!  Right now I’m so hoarse and my throat is sore.  See?

Photo 2013-05-18 4 59 07 PM

It was so exciting and I couldn’t stop hooting and hollering.

Also?  Finn came over for the day!  Hurray Finn!  We went for a run to the park and then came back to my house for some more fun and treats and finally Finn just crashed.

Photo 2013-05-18 4 57 37 PM

(Psst – he has the bigger version of my favourite toy designed by a world famous designer.  I wonder how much that cost?  I wonder how he can afford it?  I wonder how much his contract is for?  Maybe I should find out and then negotiate the same for me so I can afford to have the same stuff.)

And then last night everyone was gone and it was really quiet.

Photo 2013-05-20 10 42 06 PM

Why can’t every day be a long weekend day?


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