A portfolio fit for royalty

Apparently my agent says I need a new portfolio so I had to spend some time with a world famous photographer.  I hope he got my best side, although I don’t think that I have a bad side, just saying.

No, I don’t think this one is it.

Photo 2013-05-17 7 56 53 PM

Not sure about this one.

Photo 2013-05-17 7 57 02 PM

Actually the top of my head is really nice.  See?

Photo 2013-05-17 7 58 17 PM

Hah!  That’s it.  It’s regal-like.  Like royalty.  Like the Queen.

Photo 2013-05-17 7 57 20 PM

I’ll take 10 of those in 12 x 14 high gloss.  That should make my agent happy.

Also?  If you’d like your own autographed copy I can arrange to have my lawyer draw up the appropriate paperwork.

Photos courtesy Liam Magrath


5 thoughts on “A portfolio fit for royalty

  1. Taz;
    Hey I’ll take one of the 12 x 14s; we handsome dogs need to support each other at all times. I really like the one featuring the top of your head! BTW, I went to the groomer’s today; such humiliation…
    Your buddy Finn

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