Early morning alarms

I really enjoy my weekends because I get to sleep in and best of all?  No training of these people I live with.  So I can only tell you how annoying it was to hear an alarm go off at 6:30 am on Sunday morning.  Like, what is that all about?  Don’t these people know that I need lots of sleep in order to rest up for the upcoming strenuous week of training them and that an annoying alarm is totally ruining it for me?  How am I supposed to get enough rest with all that going on?  People.  Please!  Give it a rest already.

Oh.  Wait a minute.

Photo 2013-06-02 7 56 15 AM

They were all busy getting stuff and moving it around and look what I just found.  Right there.  In the centre.  That’s my life jacket.

Hah!  Now I get it.  We’re heading to paradise!

I gotta go cause I think I’ve got a boat to catch.  I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Early morning alarms

  1. Taz you are one lucky duck! I can almost smell it….rotting stuff, bugs, bears, and if you are really lucky – a dead fish on the beach. Paradise is the BEST! Have fun.
    Your pal,

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