Spots, spots, spots

When I am at the island I have a lot of different spots.  There’s just so much room and I can pretty much choose any spot I want.  I love, love, love that!

Here’s one that I like because I can see if probable intruders are going by in boats.

Photo 2013-06-03 6 57 20 PM

Although sometime I prefer to lay down in this spot because it get exhausting always watching for probable intruders and so I need a nap.

Photo 2013-06-03 6 57 27 PM

I like this spot because it’s outside and it’s cool and the moss is so soft.  Also it’s the only place I’m allowed to have a bone for some reason.  Hey, wait a minute, I may have to read my contract again cause I thought I was allowed to have my bones wherever I wanted.

Photo 2013-06-04 2 07 23 PM

Sometimes my spot is on the boat.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get my boating licence because sometimes these people I live with drive the boat really bumpily and I don’t like that.


And this spot I love because it’s where I have a nap.  Except for the sun in my eyes. Somebody should do something about that for me.  It makes it hard to see.


I don’t ever want to leave.


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