Day excursion

We went for a day excursion yesterday.  At least that’s what these people I live with told me.  That it was an excursion.  What it really was was us going in the car and driving for a bit and then getting out and going down to the water.  Why we had to leave the island is beyond me – there’s water everywhere there.  Oh well, I gave up trying to figure these people out a long time ago.

This is when we first got there.

Photo 2013-06-04 12 28 28 PM

It’s hard to see but out in the water were some Canada Geese.

Then I looked around the corner and holy smokes.

Photo 2013-06-04 12 28 12 PM (1)

You have to zoom in but there were at least eleventy three Canada Geese over there on the shore.  I’m not very close because I heard that if you go barking at them and try to scare them away they will come charging right at you and scare you silly.  Well, not me of course.  I’m not scared of them.  It’s just something I heard.  Anyways I don’t want to talk about that any more.

You know sometimes the ocean is just one giant sushi smorgasbord.

Photo 2013-06-04 12 28 56 PM

This is so delicious!  Except the water is a bit salty.

Photo 2013-06-04 12 28 50 PM

I guess as far as day excursions go, this was okay.  Especially since it was my first one.  Excursion that is.

Now let’s get back to the island.  This halter is killing me.


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