House hunting

You will never guess what I found this weekend!


Photo 2013-06-10 10 07 58 AM

All this time that I have been with these people I live with I never knew that they were supposed to get me my own house.

Hah!  I can’t wait to start house hunting.  I wonder what neighbourhood is the best? Maybe I can find a house with a pool.  Or a fixer-upper – that way I can completely make it my own.  I would love to have a big yard with a tree and maybe a sandbox.  Or maybe a cabana.  That would be so awesome!  Look – this is the perfect one!


What do you mean I can’t afford it!  I don’t have to afford it.  What’s a mortgage?  What’s amortization?  Downpayment?  You guys are making this up.  I need a raise!  Somebody get my accountant on the phone, stat!


Sigh.  Why are you guys always raining on my parade?


5 thoughts on “House hunting

  1. You crack us up Taz! When our family had to move from a 1 bedroom apartment into OUR new house, our mommies had to ask for our approval, even though they were the ones who will be dealing with the money matters (don’t know if them banks accept doggy treats) because WE, the 4-legged babies, are the ones who RULE the household. Think about it, we spend more time in it than they do, we protect it even when they are home, so it is more OURS than it is theirs.

    ~Angel and Chaos

    • I’m pretty sure that it’s in my contract that they have to provide me with living accommodations. And you guys are right! All this protection and scaring away probable intruders deserves something:)

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