Go ahead, make my day

Due to the fact that the days are getting longer and summer has almost arrived that means I’m on call for longer periods of time to scare away any probable intruders.   I’m practicing my ferocious expression and I want to know – no teeth?

Photo 2013-05-25 3 28 40 PM

or teeth?

Photo 2013-05-25 3 28 47 PM

I know that both are really ferocious and should scare away all probable intruders, but I think that maybe showing some teeth would shake them to their core!  Hah!  Even I’d be scared of me.  I look like Clint Eastwood – Go ahead, make my day.

Also?  I need a nap.  It’s exhausting having to be ferocious all the time.


8 thoughts on “Go ahead, make my day

  1. WOW Taz. That ‘teeth’ look is wicked! NOBODY will cross you when you flash that look. Maybe you could teach me that? And if you need some help with incessant, shrill, and completely annoying barking I can absolutely help you out.

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