Knickers in a knot

What?  I was looking for my contract.

Photo 2013-06-17 11 30 29 AM

I was so going to clean it up.  Yes, I know it’s Monday and you might have mentioned that I needed to clean it up on Saturday.  What’s your point?


What do you mean I should think about what I just said?  Don’t be ridiculous, I already thought about it before I said it.  What is a time out?  I don’t even know what that means. What do you mean naughty corner?  How long do I have to stay here?  Who’s idea is that anyway?  I wish I could find my contract cause I’m pretty sure that I’m exempt from this, whatever it is.

Wow.  Some people need to learn not to get their tights in a twist – or, for the benefit of my Brit friends (cause I’m many-lingual like that) knickers in a knot.

Also?  Training is suspended as I’m otherwise occupied.  Sigh.


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