Singing Pink

Photo 2013-05-15 9 10 29 AM

I’m pretty sure I have more than 10 vocal sounds because when I’m between training sessions and have time to listen to Pink I can sing along and I’m pretty sure I sound just like her.  Also, cats should only have 10 because have you heard them try and sing, especially late at night?  Yeah, not pleasant.

And hey, guess what I just found out?


Photo 2013-06-19 11 12 28 AM

Pink’s coming to see me!  Pink’s coming to see me!  Hurray!  I think it was supposed to be a surprise because my agent hasn’t said anything about it and I’m pretty sure that Pink’s agent has already contacted my agent to set up some time for us to get together.  I wonder how many new songs she’s written for me.  I miss her so much.  I can’t wait to see her.  I love, love, love Pink!

By the time October rolls around I’ll be exhausted from all the training and meetings I have to do.  I’m so lucky that Pink is coming to Vancouver just to see me!  She’s a lifesaver.


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