Typical training day

This is a typical training day.  After this you’ll see why I’m so exhausted afterwards.

I have to show these people I live with the way to the park, otherwise they may get lost.

Photo 2013-06-19 12 15 27 PM

I only had to wait for them once, that’s progress!  Sometimes they can be really pokey.

Photo 2013-06-19 12 15 49 PM

And before we started training I had to play with a friend that I had never seen before.  I wonder what his name is?

Photo 2013-06-19 12 19 17 PM

But then?  Teaching them to throw the ball went ok.  It only took ten or eleventy four times before they caught on.

Ok you guys wait right there.  I’m bringing you the ball.

Photo 2013-06-19 12 24 12 PM

Hang on.  Almost there.

Photo 2013-06-19 12 24 14 PM

Good job guys!  Way to wait while I bring you the ball!

Photo 2013-06-19 12 24 26 PM

All right.  I’m worn out.  Time to head home for my nap.

Sigh.  Now that I’m two and a half I sometimes feel too old for this.  It’ll be nice when these people I live with are able to go to the park on their own.


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