Let the games begin

Sorry I was MIA yesterday but I was in meetings.  All day.  With lawyers and agents and such.  It made me exhausted.  

And right now I’m quite perplexed.

Photo 2013-06-24 8 08 15 PM

We are about to start negotiations and I can’t find my list of things that I want to include in my next contract.  It’s an important list and I need it.  I don’t know where it went.

Photo 2013-06-24 8 08 16 PM

I hope these people that I live with didn’t throw it away, cause now I’m going to have to start all over again.

Let’s see.  There was a house, not making me upset, um.  Oh right, better security.  I think there was something about good food.  Letting me have a squirrel as a friend.  This is hard. I’m not sure that there was anything about cotton candy, but I’m pretty sure there should be, so cotton candy!

I know!  Blue cotton candy!  With bacon flavour!  I love, love, love bacon!  If there’s one thing that will be a deal breaker?  Not having blue, bacon flavoured, cotton candy.  Yum, yum, yum.

Oh yes, this is going to be great.  Let the games begin.


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