Negotiations, day 1

Photo 2013-05-17 8 04 04 PM

I’m in between meetings so I thought I’d bring you guys up to date.  It’s so long and boring that I’m almost falling asleep and we haven’t even got to the cotton candy part of the negotiations yet.  Apparently the sides are so far apart, whatever that means.  I don’t know why they just don’t move the sides closer if it’s such a problem.  I always have to state the obvious.

Best part about today was the lunch that was brought in.  Delicious!  A regular smorgasbord of wonderfulness.  Psst.  Do I have broccoli stuck in my teeth?

Photo 2013-06-26 1 23 38 PM

No?  Phew.  I still have to be professional and all and besides I’m out of floss.  Also?  It’s hard to look ferocious with broccoli in your teeth.

Gotta go, my contract lawyer just motioned me back into the room.  Now where did I leave my list of things…


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