Happy 146th

This is one of my most favourite days.  Friday before a long weekend! Apparently it’s Canada’s 146th birthday.  Some days I feel really old and I’m 2 and a half.  I really can’t imagine what it would feel like to be 146.  Probably you can do whatever you want, like nap all day.  And if anyone ever bothered you, you could say “leave me alone I’m 146”.  Or “when you’re 146 you can eat ice cream for breakfast too, now eat your porridge”.  Or “of course I know everything I’m 146, don’t be ridiculous”.

I can’t wait to be 146.  I wonder if these people I live with will be trained by then?

Photo 2013-06-26 1 24 27 PM

One can only dream.

Happy Canada Day!  I sure hope there’s cake.


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