I can see clearly now

Hey Brutus!  You got your hair cut.


Looks awesome dude!  Sure is nice to be able to see again and everything hey?

Psst.  Dude.  I have something I need to ask you.  You know when you’re on duty guarding your place from probable intruders?  Like this?


And then you’re still there eleventy hours later?


How much overtime do you get paid for?  You must have a major bankroll.  I might need to see your contract because I would love to get that much…  Hey wait a minute.  We both have the same agent.  So how did you get that in your contract and I didn’t?  What’s with that?  Will someone please explain to me what’s going on?  There must be something in my contract that makes sure something like this doesn’t happen.  Ack!

I need a nap.  I’m exhausted.  Of course I’m not jealous, don’t be ridiculous.

Happy Friday.


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