Rain warning

Photo 2013-08-29 12 33 26 PM

I wish I had seen this BEFORE I went outside.

Photo 2013-08-29 12 20 21 PM

I hope summer isn’t over yet, I don’t like rain. Especiallly when they have to warn us about it.  I wonder what that smell is?  Yuck.  Must be wet people.


Setting the record straight

Photo 2013-08-27 12 05 18 PM

Of course I know that I understand way more than 250 words and that I can perform simple mathematical calculations, like CALCULUS, but that whole counting thing?  I don’t often need to count past 2 1/2 because that’s how old I am, but sometimes I need to count way past 5, all the way up to eleventy three.  That’s how many pieces of kibble I have to move out of the way to get to the good stuff.  Just saying.

Also?  I’m feeling better.

This is getting tiresome

I’m still quarantined until I get over my cold.  Fun.  That means no having fun with my friends at the park or even meeting new friends.  Why can’t I be quarantined from training these people I live with instead?

All I’ve got are these pictures of some new friends that I met when I was on my vacation at the Rex Hotel.  I miss them.


Psst.  I was baring my teeth, but I wasn’t being all ferocious and everything, we were just playing.


This was after we tried out the water park.  It was wet.  Kinda like rain.


Wrestling!  It was nice to keep my fitness routine.


I tried to be friends…can’t win them all (he looks a bit grumpy anyway).


These guys were so much fun!

Sigh.  This is going to take forever.


Can somebody please get me some of that nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can rest medicine?

I’ve had a cough and runny nose for the past few days and have had to cancel all training. I wonder if I get sick benefits?  I’d better check my contract cause otherwise my next paycheck is going to be really small and I need all the money I can get so I can retire.

One bright spot, though.  Look what I got yesterday!  It’s from that famous designer. Hey, I wonder what event I missed in order to score that swag – I’ll have to go through my mail and invitations.

Photo 2013-08-21 7 16 53 PM

It’s been especially helpful when my head is too heavy and I need something to prop it up on.

Photo 2013-08-21 7 23 39 PM

I hope I feel better soon.  I’ll see you guys later, I’m exhausted – I think I need a nap.

Photo 2013-08-21 7 26 58 PM