It’s about time

I can’t believe that everyone I know and their dog (ha, ha, ha) has been on holidays.  My lawyer, my accountant, my agent and most importantly my editor.  Not even sure how that happened that they all got to go away and I was stuck training these people I live with all by myself.  For like eleventy weeks.  I’m so exhausted that I have bags under my eyes.


Photo 2013-07-10 8 07 46 PM

I know, right?  Anyways now that everyone’s back I’m happy cause it’s my turn to go on holidays!  Hurray!  I’m going to the Rex Hotel.  It’s totally awesome and deluxe.  I’ve had to save up for a long time to be able to go there.  I love, love, love the Rex!  I’m pretty sure that really important people go there because there are paparazzi everywhere – you should see how many pictures are photoshopped everyday and posted online.  It’s pretty amazing.  Oh, look!  There I am!


I think that’s my good side, cause I’m pretty sure I don’t have a bad side.

Happy Friday.  See you all next week!


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