Who you gonna call

When everyone who were supposed to be looking after my best interests were away on vacation and I got really exhausted from constantly training these people I live with, I decided to have a bit of a party because I deserved it.  So who did I call?

Finn!  Hurray!  Finn came over and spent the night so we could party.  All. Night. Long.

We decided to practice our wrestling because we’re pretty sure that we should be in the next olympics.

See how good we are?

Photo 2013-07-26 3 35 22 PM

Photo 2013-07-26 3 38 56 PM

Photo 2013-07-26 3 35 27 PM

Oh wait a minute.  Ok, never mind.  No, we’re not hugging, we’re wrestling.  Definitely wrestling.  For sure.

After that we ate and ate and ate.  We were starving.  And then we were exhausted.  You would never believe what Finn did next.  I could hardly believe it.  The big bed is eleventy feet tall and I need to have help to get on it cause I’m a bit short (but not too short, actually I’m just right).

Finn jumped up on the bed.  All. By. Himself.

Photo 2013-07-26 11 40 01 PM

Whoa Finn!  I didn’t know you were a high jumper.  Way to practice for the next olympics! I’m pretty sure you’re going to medal.  Good job dude!


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