This is getting tiresome

I’m still quarantined until I get over my cold.  Fun.  That means no having fun with my friends at the park or even meeting new friends.  Why can’t I be quarantined from training these people I live with instead?

All I’ve got are these pictures of some new friends that I met when I was on my vacation at the Rex Hotel.  I miss them.


Psst.  I was baring my teeth, but I wasn’t being all ferocious and everything, we were just playing.


This was after we tried out the water park.  It was wet.  Kinda like rain.


Wrestling!  It was nice to keep my fitness routine.


I tried to be friends…can’t win them all (he looks a bit grumpy anyway).


These guys were so much fun!

Sigh.  This is going to take forever.


2 thoughts on “This is getting tiresome

  1. Dude!! Get better soon!! Being in isolation sounds like purgatory. If it makes you feel any better, life is a little rough at this end as well. I have a new collar on that sprays mist when I bark. Walks have gone from being super noisy (FUN!), to….less fun. Lets get together for a good wrestle as soon as you are better, and drown our sorrows.
    Your pal Finn

    • Thanks Finn! You need to add something to your contract about not having collars that spray anything dude! Whose idea was that anyways? How on earth are you supposed to vigilantly guard anything if you can’t bark. Sometimes I just don’t understand those people you live with. Sigh.

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