Psst!  You guys!  You won’t believe what happened last night.  I was downstairs in the tv room and all of a sudden I looked up and there she was.  OMG.

Photo 2013-09-19 9 04 49 PM

Pink!  Pink was in my tv room!

I could hardly believe it.  I didn’t even know she was coming to see me.  I was getting a bit worried because I knew she was coming to Vancouver but I hadn’t heard from my agent about whether her agent had contacted my agent about getting together with me because I was sure she would because I just love her so much and she writes the best songs for me.  So I jumped down to make sure she was in my tv room and, yes, yes she was.  See?

Photo 2013-09-19 9 05 15 PM

Ah, Pink.  You are so pretty in person.

Apparently I’m a good host and offered her wine straight away.  Except I didn’t even know I had wine and I wonder where it came from.

Photo 2013-09-19 9 09 13 PM

Pink loves, loves, loves wine!  I love, love, love Pink!

We laughed and laughed and laughed.  Ah Pink, you are so funny.

Photo 2013-09-19 9 21 12 PM

She’s cute when she laughs.  I think she thinks I’m cute too, when I’m laughing.  See?

Photo 2013-09-19 9 30 14 PM

I’m so happy Pink came to see me.  This?  This has been the best day ever!


Oh look! Cookies!

Photo 2013-09-10 1 38 52 PM
I have to practice my measuring cause I’m pretty sure I am going to be helping with some carpentry work around here.  I hope it pays good.  My buddy Bailey lives across the street from me and one of the people he lives with is a finishing carpenter and apparently he is going to come over and finish up some work that needs to be done.  Thank God!  It’s about time somebody did some work around here.

(Psst.  I guess a finishing carpenter is different from a regular carpenter because they just go around finishing up other people’s messes.  Poor guys, I know how that feels).

About eleventy months ago these people I live with decided to tear out all the hand rails and then thought it would be a good idea to reconfigure the stairs at the same time.  But they are easily distracted and once they tore everything apart they just left it.

It’s as if they get one thing in their mind, like “Hey I have a good idea, let’s tear this apart” and then all of a sudden “Oh look!  Cookies!” and then nothing ever gets finished.

I will keep you guys posted – I just hope this finishing carpenter isn’t easily distracted, otherwise we’re hooped.

Hidden hazards

Hah!  Finally!

Photo 2013-08-27 12 00 54 PM

It’s about time somebody wrote a detailed report.  I know all about the hidden hazards lurking in my bowl.  These people I live with are always trying to hide kibble in there.  It makes it hard to eat the good stuff.


Photo 2013-09-08 12 30 36 PM

Kibble is hazardous to my happiness and well-being.