Oh the humidity of it all

You know what I wish?

Photo 2-6-2014, 11 46 42 PM

Photo 2-6-2014, 11 47 39 PM

That these people I live with understood the science of humidifiers.




Career changing moment


Photo 2014-05-27 11 14 30 AM


I think I’d like to be a federally certified search and rescue dog.  I’m pretty sure it’s what I already do all the time.  I’m always having to rescue these people I live with from probable intruders and I’m positive that I’m already certified to search through the kibble to get to the good stuff. I wonder how much a federally certified search and rescue dog gets paid? I wonder if they get a pension?  Think of how much sooner I could retire!

And this?

Photo 5-23-2014, 11 33 49 AM

This is what my retirement would look like.  All day long yoga posing while I nap.

Hah!  Sign me up!

Newest acquisition

When I was two this was my most prized possession.

Photo 2013-05-12 6 28 04 PM

Now I’m three and I have a new most prized possession.  I still like my other prized possessions too, it’s just that this one is more my age.  I have to guard it all the time, just like my other one.

Photo 4-27-2014, 4 12 34 PM

Photo 4-27-2014, 7 15 28 PM

Photo 5-3-2014, 11 01 22 PM

Photo 4-28-2014, 11 35 52 AM

Having these prized possessions made for me by a world famous designer means that I can probably retire soon. I can’t wait.

TBT and it’s not my fault

(It wouldn’t have to be Throwback Thursday if somebody hadn’t been on holidays for six months.  Just saying.)

I loved winter this year.  There was lots of snow and I love snow!  It’s way more fun than rain and way less wet and a lot more cold.  Fun, fun, fun!

Here I am frolicking fiercely playing in my (kind of) backyard:

Photo 2-25-2014, 10 21 39 AM

Photo 2-25-2014, 10 22 28 AM

It also made it way easier to tell where I had to go and re-mark my personal property lines that go from my house and all the way around the park and anywhere else I am. That was cool.

One thing was weird about winter though.  These people I live with brought a tree into my house.

Photo 12-25-2013, 10 07 26 PM

Psst – see that tree behind me? Apparently it’s not so it’s handier for me.  I still have to go outside.  I don’t understand these people I live with.  I also feel bad for the tree cause it’s all sparkly and stuff.  I don’t like sparkly.

And then there was this.

Photo 12-25-2013, 9 44 24 AM

Did they not read the part of my contract that says no making me look ridiculous?

Sigh.  It’s time for my nap.