SIX months people!

Six months.  SIX months.  Who takes vacation for SIX months?  And why didn’t somebody tell me?  I don’t even know how someone gets six months vacation.  I think I need to get that put into my contract.  All this time I was working and nobody was there to edit my work.  I’m not very happy.  See?

Photo 5-3-2014, 11 01 54 PM

But now my editor is back.  Finally.  Only six months worth of everything I’ve been doing needs to be caught up on.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Happy Friday.


2 thoughts on “SIX months people!

  1. Taz! Buddy! Are you kidding me? 6 months? Honestly….those humans. Well I for one am thrilled that you are back in action. Can’t wait to hear about your excellent adventures!

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