Burning the candle at both ends

So much has happened over the last six months that I hardly know where to start.  Oh right.  We were just going to start renovations with the finishing carpenter – I was so busy when that was going on.  Not only did I have to stand guard against probable intruders and continue to train these people I live with, but I also had to help all the different people that kept coming into my house to do some work. And of course they would all want to see my toys and my ball and I would have to show them how fast I could run up and down the stairs – it was exhausting.  See?

Photo 11-6-2013, 12 04 30 PM

Somedays I could barely keep my head up.  I hope all the overtime was worth it.  Wait a minute.  Where’s my money??

Sigh.  I’m never going to be able to retire.



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