Brutus is coming! Brutus is coming!

My buddy Brutus is coming to visit me.  Hurray!  It’s been a long time since he was here.  I hope he remembers who I am.  Last time he was here we had so much fun.  He’s older than me so he knows more, but I think I know more yoga.  Although I have to say this pose is one of my favourites.

Photo 10-4-2013, 11 10 13 PM

It’s a bit blurry cause there’s nobody around here knows how to properly use a camera, but this is Brutus doing the Upward Stretchy Beg pose (sometimes known as the Please for the love of God, no kibble).  He can hold that one forever!

He’s always on the lookout for stuff.  Sometimes I’m not sure what he’s looking at, but I try.

Photo 10-6-2013, 12 33 26 PM

Whatcha looking at buddy?

Photo 10-6-2013, 12 33 47 PM


Photo 10-6-2013, 12 33 39 PM

Right there? Nope, I don’t see it

I think it’s because he’s older than me.  I hope when I get as old as Brutus I can see stuff on the ceiling too.

I have to go get his stuff ready.  I wonder which bed he’ll want.  Hopefully not the one I sleep in cause it’s my favourite.

Just kidding.

 Kind of.


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