This is my new friend Caycee.  I think that’s how you spell her name but I’m not sure. That’s ok cause that’s how I’m going to spell it, cause I’m good at spelling and calculus and yoga.

photo 2

She moved into my neighbourhood a little while ago and we have a lot of fun together. She’s way younger than me cause I’m three and she’s not.  Also, she’s a girl and I’m not. Some people say she’s my girlfriend but I don’t think she is cause I hear having a girlfriend is expensive and I don’t think I can afford one.  Especially since I want to retire soon.

photo 3

photo 2

She’s also a bit high maintenance cause I’m so exhausted after we’ve played and I’ve already got high maintenance trying to train these people I live with.  But at least it’s fun.

Time for my nap.  Happy Monday.


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