December 3, 2015 minus July 3, 2014 equals Fourhundredandeleventy days without anyone working on my blog.   Ugh.

I’ve gotten so much older that you guys probably don’t even recognize me.


File 2015-12-03, 6 28 10 PM

The last time you saw me I was 3 and now I’m almost 5.  Five! I feel so old. You know what?  I’m still not retired. I was sure that by the time I was 5 I would be all done training these people I live with and that I wouldn’t have to always guard against probable intruders and bears but no.  Not even close.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life for the last fourhundredandeleventy days.  What’s new with you guys?


2 thoughts on “Fourhundredandeleventydays

  1. Dude! I thought you had retired and moved to Sarasota. It’s so amazing that you did not and are back to keep my in the loop on your adventures! Yay!
    your pal Finn
    PS I got older too. How weird a coincidence is that?

    • Finn! Hey buddy good to hear from you. Yeah, you’d think I’d be retired by now…Wow, can’t believe you got older too. I hope I still recognize you.

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