2016! aka hopefully the year I retire

Happy 2016 everybody!  I’m back from the Rex and I had a blast.  Besides seeing all my friends that I had never met before, there were a few relatives too.  You just never know when you’re going to run into someone and then whoa!  Look at you looking like me we must be related!


Yep!  Not me.  This is Lola.  We look the same except she’s a girl and I’m not.

And then there’s this little guy. (I can’t remember his name so I’ll just call him Little Taz)


He’s a baby though.  I used to be a baby.  See?


Hey, wait a minute, I think his haircut is way better than mine. I should find out who he goes to and go there too. I’m pretty sure the shaggy look is out for 2016.

Finding new relatives is fun, but exhausting.  I better go have a nap before I have to start retraining these people I live with.  Have a good week everyone!


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