Friday! Friday! Friday!  Hurray for Friday!

I’m so glad the weekend is here.  That means it’s getting closer to my birthday and I can’t wait for my party.  I think I’m having a party. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to have a party when you turn 5, cause I’ve never had one and my buddy Finn has had, like, lots.  This is what I got from his last birthday and it’s been my new favourite world famous designer soother toy.


It’s a bit dirty, but that’s ok cause I don’t like clean.

Also?  If it’s in my mouth that’s when I know it’s time for my nap.

Have a good weekend everybody!



Who you gonna call

When everyone who were supposed to be looking after my best interests were away on vacation and I got really exhausted from constantly training these people I live with, I decided to have a bit of a party because I deserved it.  So who did I call?

Finn!  Hurray!  Finn came over and spent the night so we could party.  All. Night. Long.

We decided to practice our wrestling because we’re pretty sure that we should be in the next olympics.

See how good we are?

Photo 2013-07-26 3 35 22 PM

Photo 2013-07-26 3 38 56 PM

Photo 2013-07-26 3 35 27 PM

Oh wait a minute.  Ok, never mind.  No, we’re not hugging, we’re wrestling.  Definitely wrestling.  For sure.

After that we ate and ate and ate.  We were starving.  And then we were exhausted.  You would never believe what Finn did next.  I could hardly believe it.  The big bed is eleventy feet tall and I need to have help to get on it cause I’m a bit short (but not too short, actually I’m just right).

Finn jumped up on the bed.  All. By. Himself.

Photo 2013-07-26 11 40 01 PM

Whoa Finn!  I didn’t know you were a high jumper.  Way to practice for the next olympics! I’m pretty sure you’re going to medal.  Good job dude!

Long weekends are the best

It was a very busy long weekend for me.  First off, a bunch of people came and stayed at my house.  They’ve been here before and it’s always fun when they’re around.  One of the people was playing hockey so there was a lot of cheering and stuff going on.  Apparently there was a gold medal to be won and the person staying here got it!  Right now I’m so hoarse and my throat is sore.  See?

Photo 2013-05-18 4 59 07 PM

It was so exciting and I couldn’t stop hooting and hollering.

Also?  Finn came over for the day!  Hurray Finn!  We went for a run to the park and then came back to my house for some more fun and treats and finally Finn just crashed.

Photo 2013-05-18 4 57 37 PM

(Psst – he has the bigger version of my favourite toy designed by a world famous designer.  I wonder how much that cost?  I wonder how he can afford it?  I wonder how much his contract is for?  Maybe I should find out and then negotiate the same for me so I can afford to have the same stuff.)

And then last night everyone was gone and it was really quiet.

Photo 2013-05-20 10 42 06 PM

Why can’t every day be a long weekend day?

Wasn’t that a party, part 2

Psst, you guys.  There was something a bit weird going on at Finn’s birthday party and I’m not sure what it all means.  I’ve passed on everything I know to the detective that I’ve put in charge of this case.

There’s a cat that lives at Finn’s house called Mango.  Mango and Finn don’t get along too well.  Everybody knows this.  Mango bought Finn a birthday present – that jumping, obstacle course thingy (another reason I didn’t want to play with it – never trust a present from someone who doesn’t like you).  This is the card that was attached to the present.

Photo 2013-04-28 11 59 41 AM

Sounds a bit threatening, right?

Here’s where it gets strange.  I never saw Mango at all yesterday.  Not even a glance.  She didn’t show up for the birthday party – after getting Finn a present she doesn’t even show up for cake???  Weird, plain and simple.

Until I saw this.

Photo 2013-04-28 1 43 00 PM

I almost missed it but look what was on the menu under “Fruit Plate”.


Ack!!!  Poor kitty.  OMG I can’t believe it!  Just when you thought you knew someone. Ack!!!  How could this have happened!  I’m ruined forever!  Somebody do something! Why are you laughing, this isn’t funny.  Ack!!!


You mean mango’s a fruit and you can eat it?  And Mango the cat never attends birthday parties and is hiding upstairs?  What??

These people are weird. Who in their right mind names their cat after a fruit.  That is as ridiculous as calling someone Apple or Huckleberry.  Someone should look over her contract to see what recourse she has.  Good grief, people.

Also?  Mango will never be on the menu at any of my parties.  Just saying.

Wasn’t that a party, part 1

Happy Birthday buddy!

Photo 2013-04-28 10 04 17 AM

Well Finn turned two and we partied like it was nobody’s business.  And hah!  Now I know why he got to have a party and I didn’t.

You guys, he has a professional event planner!  I didn’t catch her name, but I’m going to call her Amelia.  She thought of everything  (Also, I heard she’s friends with Taylor Swift because she’s going to be hooking up with her in June – I wonder if Taylor Swift and Pink are friends).  I’m definitely going to negotiate for an event planner when my contract is up. Finn’s agent must be really good to think of something like that.

We started out at the park where the fun began.

Photo 2013-04-28 10 31 30 AM

After dirt trailing for hours we were ready for the next item on the itinerary.

This event planner went all out.

Photo 2013-04-28 11 13 48 AMPhoto 2013-04-28 11 28 40 AM

Everything was decorated so nicely and there were hats!

Photo 2013-04-28 11 54 29 AM

It was kinda choking me though.  But still!  Hats!

And then the best part – CAKE!

Photo 2013-04-28 11 52 14 AM

Photo 2013-04-28 11 56 39 AM

We can smell it.  Let’s go.  Hurry up.

Then we went outside to play with Finn’s new toy.  It was some kind of jumping, obstacle course thingy.  I don’t do jumping obstacle course thingy on demand so I mostly sniffed around watched Finn.

Photo 2013-04-28 12 32 43 PM

And then at the end?  You guessed it.  Swag bags!

Photo 2013-04-28 1 42 51 PM

Inside was a custom made (by a world famous designer) squeaky toy.

Photo 2013-04-28 7 10 54 PM

Love, love, love it.

Other than me not having a party to celebrate my second birthday, and Pink not showing up to sing a song, today was a pretty good day.

But be on notice.  My third birthday?  It’s going to rock.