Blue monday blues

Apparently it’s Blue Monday.  I don’t know what that means but I’m feeling a bit down so I thought I’d go back through my training videos just to make myself feel better about how far these people I live with have come.

This is one of my favourite training videos.  It’s like an introduction to teaching ball throwing or goalie training.  The key is repetition.


I know it can get a bit boring doing it over and over and over and over and over again, but it was worth it once the people I live with finally got it and we could move onto them throwing my ball.

Next up on the training docket?  Hockey!  With a ball, not a puck.  I’ve seen what happens to people when they catch pucks with their teeth.  What were they thinking?

Happy Monday everyone!





Long weekends are the best

It was a very busy long weekend for me.  First off, a bunch of people came and stayed at my house.  They’ve been here before and it’s always fun when they’re around.  One of the people was playing hockey so there was a lot of cheering and stuff going on.  Apparently there was a gold medal to be won and the person staying here got it!  Right now I’m so hoarse and my throat is sore.  See?

Photo 2013-05-18 4 59 07 PM

It was so exciting and I couldn’t stop hooting and hollering.

Also?  Finn came over for the day!  Hurray Finn!  We went for a run to the park and then came back to my house for some more fun and treats and finally Finn just crashed.

Photo 2013-05-18 4 57 37 PM

(Psst – he has the bigger version of my favourite toy designed by a world famous designer.  I wonder how much that cost?  I wonder how he can afford it?  I wonder how much his contract is for?  Maybe I should find out and then negotiate the same for me so I can afford to have the same stuff.)

And then last night everyone was gone and it was really quiet.

Photo 2013-05-20 10 42 06 PM

Why can’t every day be a long weekend day?

Weekend roundup

It’s Monday, it’s sunny, training is about to commence but first up?  A roundup.  Of what happened this weekend.

First off, this happened.


This is the Vancouver Marathon.  Apparently a lot of people paid money, actual money, to  run 42 kilometres.  Wow, really.  There is no telling what people will spend their money on.

Also this happened.


Everybody was outside this weekend enjoying the sun.  Nobody stayed in the house. That’s because the sun was shining, shining, shining.  Nothing is prettier than Vancouver on a sunny day.

And just when we were all loving life and strumming our guitars, this happened.

Photo 2013-05-06 9 39 01 AM

Smacked upside the head.  Everyone’s pointing fingers – at the coaches, at the goalies, at the defence, at the offence, blah, blah, blah.  I know who to point the finger at.  The person who hasn’t picked up the pen to sign the contract, that’s who.  Two days left, today and tomorrow.  I’ll be waiting.

Photo 2013-05-01 7 25 49 PM