Treating me right

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is treats.  I don’t understand why anyone would eat anything else.  Especially kibble.  Yuk!

There seems to be enough treats for me but there’s just one big problem.




I have to stand like this for forever before anyone notices that I need a treat from my treat cupboard. What’s with that?

I think I need a bell. Or a nap.

Happy Friday everyone!


I don’t have swiveling ears

Photo 2013-05-15 9 10 13 AM

Well actually, in 6/100ths of a second I can not only locate the source of a sound but I can also weigh the pro’s and con’s of whether or not it is of any consequence to me – i.e. is there a treat involved?

Also?  I can name that tune in 4/100ths of a second.  Hah!