Hockey, karma and the Dog Whisperer

Hockey in this house is crazy.  I would quite enjoy it if it weren’t for all the yelling and screaming at the television – as if the refs or the teams could hear them.  Even I know that all the barking yelling is a futile attempt to manipulate the outcome of the game.  Except for when the Dog Whisperer is on.  Then all my barking is my saying to them “Hey!  Pay Attention!  This is exactly what I was trying to teach you guys last week!”

Back to hockey.  Every year it’s the same thing.  Watch every game, worshipping each goal and win.  Then come the playoffs and then utter disappointment.  So sad for them and the people in this house.  But I believe in karma.  And you know what Vancouver Canucks?  I sent you that contract some time ago for you to sign and you still haven’t sent it back.  Perhaps if you were to live up to your side of the bargain that I solely proposed, the karma gods would look favourably on you and you just might get to win the Stanley Cup.


So, until I see that signed contract and a cheque, I will no longer be your ad wearing endorsement.

Also?  I look ridiculous, again.


2 thoughts on “Hockey, karma and the Dog Whisperer

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