Blue monday blues

Apparently it’s Blue Monday.  I don’t know what that means but I’m feeling a bit down so I thought I’d go back through my training videos just to make myself feel better about how far these people I live with have come.

This is one of my favourite training videos.  It’s like an introduction to teaching ball throwing or goalie training.  The key is repetition.


I know it can get a bit boring doing it over and over and over and over and over again, but it was worth it once the people I live with finally got it and we could move onto them throwing my ball.

Next up on the training docket?  Hockey!  With a ball, not a puck.  I’ve seen what happens to people when they catch pucks with their teeth.  What were they thinking?

Happy Monday everyone!




Treating me right

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is treats.  I don’t understand why anyone would eat anything else.  Especially kibble.  Yuk!

There seems to be enough treats for me but there’s just one big problem.




I have to stand like this for forever before anyone notices that I need a treat from my treat cupboard. What’s with that?

I think I need a bell. Or a nap.

Happy Friday everyone!


It’s raining.  It’s always raining.  I don’t know why I live in the rain forest.  I don’t like rain.  It’s wet.  I think it gives me a sore throat.



I know it’s hard to see how sore my throat is when the picture is so blurry.  Someone still needs to take photography lessons.

Rain, sore throat, bad photography and it’s only Tuesday.

I need a nap.



Friday! Friday! Friday!  Hurray for Friday!

I’m so glad the weekend is here.  That means it’s getting closer to my birthday and I can’t wait for my party.  I think I’m having a party. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to have a party when you turn 5, cause I’ve never had one and my buddy Finn has had, like, lots.  This is what I got from his last birthday and it’s been my new favourite world famous designer soother toy.


It’s a bit dirty, but that’s ok cause I don’t like clean.

Also?  If it’s in my mouth that’s when I know it’s time for my nap.

Have a good weekend everybody!