One of these things just doesn’t belong


No I won’t.  There is absolutely nothing to love about anything involving the words dog and bath time.  Whose idea was this anyway?

This is more accurate:

Dogs, Treats, Bath time

Two of these things are just like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong

Ugh. What a way to start a week.


I hate when that happens

Hi guys – I’ll be right with you.  I’ll only be a minute.


Wow, so good.  Kibble should be this good. Kibble in the shape of snowmen that tastes like cookies would be a great business idea. Someone should get on that for me.


Sorry, what did you say?


Ugh. I can’t believe I just ate my Christmas present. Who leaves Christmas presents out before Christmas anyways?  How was I supposed to know? It’s not like it was easy to open, what with all that ribbon and all.

I think I need a nap.


December 3, 2015 minus July 3, 2014 equals Fourhundredandeleventy days without anyone working on my blog.   Ugh.

I’ve gotten so much older that you guys probably don’t even recognize me.


File 2015-12-03, 6 28 10 PM

The last time you saw me I was 3 and now I’m almost 5.  Five! I feel so old. You know what?  I’m still not retired. I was sure that by the time I was 5 I would be all done training these people I live with and that I wouldn’t have to always guard against probable intruders and bears but no.  Not even close.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life for the last fourhundredandeleventy days.  What’s new with you guys?